Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Poor Coffee and Poor Politics

Trying to get hold of anyone is awful at this time of year - To say the least, I am frustrated. Having said that I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend and sampling another coffee shop.

I've actually worked out how to get a decent cup of cappuccino in the Starbucks/Nero/Costas of this world: Ask for an extra shot of espresso. Then it stops tasting like brown and white water and begins to taste of the coffee.. Having said that, I went to a coffee shop in Radlett a few days ago and asked for an extra shot. They said that the cappuccino machine had only one setting! I don't think I'll be voting for that place any more :-)

I heard an amazing series of comments on Al-Jazerra TV last night. BEFORE YOU THINK ANYTHING, it was curiosity, not some twisted political viewpoint that caused this to occur. I actually accidentally tuned in and as I recognised a famous Pakistani cricketing celebrity I decided to listen to what he was saying. I still cannot understand why sportsmen, or for that matter actors, feel the need to get involved in politics. But I have no doubt that the guy got hit on his head once too often. His view was that the Pakistani Government had lost all sense of humanity by risking the women and children held hostage in the Red Mosque in Islamabad and should in fact give in to the extremists' demands. Again, its transposing the position of criminal and victim and twisting morality. After about 2 minutes of questions from viewers all enforcing the gentleman's views, I decided that I had enough and moved down the channels in an attempt to re tune to someone more sensible - like Donald Duck. Image my shock when I was confronted by the same cricketer being interviewed by "The Friend Of The Weak", Mr George Galloway. George Galloway was trying his hardest to sound and act Eastern, even down to his accent, which has started sounding more and more Iraqi every day. Not a bad thing in itself if it was not patently false. How people follow this man beggars belief. I suspect that they would follow anyone who re-enforces their own bigoted views of this world. I was reminded of the old TV interviews with the Far Right, BNP etc. 1984 and 'Newspeak' really compare as a mere shadow. Its funny how the far left has found a new 'cause celeb' after bashing the US under the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament banner. Enough time wasted on this lot.

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