Friday, 13 July 2007

The start of the slippery slope of betrayal

There is one recent event which marks a turning point in the way that 'liberal left' morality has been corrupted and hijacked by terrorist groups. That turning point was a symbolic act of suicide by a then world respected organisation.

The organisation was Amnesty International. The era was the late 1970's - I cannot remember the exact date.

I was quite active in our university branch of Amnesty. At that time the 'Golden Rule' was that we would ONLY support and be involved with people who were involved in NON-VIOLENT activities. Absolutely morally correct. No arguments about calling 'terrorists' by the name of 'freedom fighters', and no political decisions needing to be made.

Then the decision was taken that Amnesty would work for ANYONE who was a political prisoner. Whatever that is. So all the above issues had to be addressed. This led to the need to be seen as 'even-handed'......and the end result has been that there is now no differentiation whatsoever between aggressor and victim !

So that decision 30 years ago has led to the current state of affairs where Amnesty treats provocateurs and terrorists with the same even hand as those victims and those trying to defend themselves. (You can sense my value judgement having to be made here)

Amnesty International has called on the UN to investigate war crimes it says both Israel and Hezbollah committed during last year's war in Lebanon. The report urges the UN Security Council to impose an arms embargo on both Israel and Hezbollah until "mechanisms are in place to ensure that weapons will not be used to commit serious violations of international humanitarian law".

AN ARMS EMBARGO ?. Wasn't that supposed to be happening to Hezbollah already as part of the UN agreement? But who has been re-arming and rebuilding their bunkers? Who has more missiles and rockets now than before the war in Lebanon. AND WHERE DID THEY COME FROM? Lebanon has a coast which is effectively controlled by the German Navy under a UN flag. That leaves its only other border, that with Syria. There are not too many prizes for the correct answer…..And it is plain as the end of your nose that Israel was defending itself from an unprovoked attack.

So we can see this is a great example where the once revered organisation has now made itself a laughing stock on all sides except the BBC, who still holds them up on a pedestal. Sure, there are good deeds done by Amnesty in many parts of the world. BUT if you can't trust them to make a moral judgement in Lebanon, can we trust them elsewhere?

Amnesty's founders have been betrayed, and after all this time there is no one who really remembers its past noble calling.

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