Friday, 6 July 2007

30th June in Pinner

So, on Sunday we went to Pinner, Middlesex for coffee. It was a dull day and we really needed a nice breakfast and coffee.

There are a number of coffee shops there, the best that we've tried being 'Cafe Rouge' and 'Cafe Uno'. However Cafe Rouge is rather dark and 'Cafe Uno' has just been branded as 'Brasserie Chez Gerard'. This was bright and clean. The window glass was removed so it was fresh and semi open. The coffee (Skinny decaf Late) was ordered strong. IT WAS GREAT!. - Piping hot and had real flavour. Scrambled eggs were delivered on a round wooden block on a baguette and were cooked to perfection. The only downside was that the tables were a little small and could not easily cope with two 50 year olds, coffee, food and the Sunday Times and Sunday Telegraph newspapers all at the same time. Parking is a bit of a hassle too. Lots of cars.

It was not cheap though, but well worth it.

BY THE WAY, there is a dinky Sunday market in Pinner selling all sorts of 'organic' fresh foods like cheeses and breads, fruits and meats.

A great Sunday Morning........scoring 8/10

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