Saturday, 7 July 2007

Blue - On - Blue

And there is yet another investigation into 'Blue-on-Blue' (friendly fire) casualties in the second Iraq War.

Doesn't any of the media appreciate how confused warfare is? I heard that about 20% of Allied casulties in World War Two were due to friendly fire. It happens in war. It always will.

If you doubt this, try a little experiment yourself. Spend a day at one of these paintball events where two or more teams play at being soldiers and try to 'kill' their opponents with bullets made from coloured paint. You get a paint splash and you are 'dead' - at least for that game.

Now try to play with two teams - but in silence..... You will see more than 20% 'Blue-on-Blue' that's for sure. And real war also has problems with communications. Technologies that might prevent these accidents have done a great job - they are called IFF (Identify Friend Foe) - and have reduced these accidents to a handful, even in coalition actions. But you always get confusion in battle.

Soldiers know the risks. Its a hard thing to say, but their families should recognise the risks too.

The next posting will be about coffee shops....I promise !!!

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